B2B Telesales and the Importance of Human Connection

What is B2B telesales and telemarketing?

Business to business (B2B) telemarketing is when a business cold calls another business to promote or sell. This is often used for lead generation or discovering new leads through direct conversation via phone calls. Telesale’s aim is to convert leads into sales.

There are different kinds of B2B telemarketing. It can be used for market research or qualifying prospects. It can also be used for getting customer feedback. For telesales, the main goal is to turn leads from lead generation to sales. They both work hand-in-hand to achieve the company’s business goals. Both require hard-working teams that have great communication skills. They need to be adept at selling products and services over the phone.

Telesale’s human connection

One key reason why B2B telesales continues to be so effective in gaining results is the human connection. Even with all the new digital tools available, nothing beats direct communication. B2B telemarketing and telesales offer any business an opportunity to reach prospects. It provides a two-way communication channel so the prospect also has a say.

The human factor helps lay the grounds of a working relationship. It’s not just a matter of selling something. Effective telesales helps to create meaningful contact which can lead to a fruitful relationship.

However, having a right approach is still vital to ensure success. Ill-timed calls or having an overly pushy tone can turn off any potential client. Here are some tips to remember to maximize the human connection with telesales:

1. Tone

Equally important as knowing what to say is how to say it. The right tone of voice can help influence a sale. No matter who you’re talking to, it always helps to be confident but warm and friendly. Present oneself as an expert without being condescending. Come in knowing the answers in case there are questions. Create a positive atmosphere by being empathetic to the prospects. After all, your business is there to hopefully address any pain points they may have.

2. Research

Conduct the necessary research prior to making the calls. Research on the potential buyers and clients. This allows you to personalize the sales pitch to suit the prospect the best. It enables the telemarketers to adapt accordingly. After all, you want to build relationships with these prospects. The first step to this is to know them.

Research also gives you the best way to identify the ideal clients and knowing who will be the most receptive. This means less room for mistakes since you won’t need to call every single business out there. Your sales reps will know who to prioritize.

3. Prepare a script

Having a script or cheat sheet is useful for any sales rep. Ensure that all the vital information is there. It should have a list of responses for expected questions and even objections. Not everything needs to be in the script, but having the crucial details there can make sales reps more confident.


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