Are Customers Given Adequate Support Channels By Your BPO Partners?

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Be it a high-end business process outsourcing (BPO) or a small-scale offshore management consulting firm, excellent customer service is a prerequisite core value for a business model to find success. A question, however, has been raised several times: Are call center providers delivering such a kind of service to the majority of customers in the global market? The answer. No. A majority of customers are unhappy and it all begins with that point of having inadequate customer support channels.

Here are the following points of what customers really expect from your support contact center:



Customers still prefer the phone as a medium and with the Philippines’ outsourcing industry a leading player in full-voice services, customers are guaranteed someone speaking English fluently with a neutral accent at the other end of the line.   



Customers want that timeless service level and response time to be given immediate attention.  A call from a customer means that he or she expects that his or her inquiry is resolved primarily, followed by being answered quickly by a skilled agent with extra attention to personal interaction.



Customers who are unable to secure a phone will consider having their issues resolved via an email, a non-voice support option that is also catered by the administrative support services.

Large and small-scale corporations are  also looking for business process outsourcing companies to provide for their ready-made technologies which have:

  • A call-back system in order to have their customers no longer experience long holds during calls, courtesy of a call-back system.
  • A service that lets their customers download video files as an option to help resolve support center issues.
  • Engagement in a real-time video chat as another solution in resolving customer problems.
  • A chance to have their customers voice-out their issues via a speech recognition system.  


In the selection of a business partner in the Philippines’ outsourcing industry, a company needs to recognize without delay the measures which the global consumer demands. Thus, having an optimum customer service will be paid back in the end with a loyal believer for the company’s brand.