Why Invest in Multilingual Customer Service?

Customer Service

Most companies know the value of good customer support. One way to excel in this is as simple as speaking your customer’s language. Consumers want to feel like they are prioritized. What better way to show this than to simply be able to understand them?

A language barrier is one of the trials that need to be addressed in customer service. Investing in multilingual customer service can go a long way in improving a brand’s customer service. As the world gets smaller due to the rise of digital access, a company’s services should reflect this shift. This can do wonders in improving relationships with customers.

No matter how fluent someone is in English, there may be some cultural nuances that get lost in conversation. According to the Harvard Business Review, 72.4% of consumers said that they are more willing to buy something that has information in their own language. Many consumers are willing to pay more if the brand is willing to communicate with them in their chosen language. Even if consumers are multilingual, they may still prefer to communicate via their native tongue.

This applies to inbound customer service. Angry customers calling the hotline are already upset. According to a report from Rosetta Stone, removing the stress of speaking in another language can actually help to reduce their frustration. This can result in less confusion and more understanding.


Having a multilingual customer service can be done through various means such as:

  • Improve the company website by adding an option for different languages.

  • Use more visuals and images in both online and other materials. This can help make the content clearer to people no matter where they come from.

  • Invest in professional translations. Don’t rely on free online tools.

  • Train agents to handle a global consumer base.

  • Look for outsourcing firms that provide multilingual customer services for inbound calls.


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