Why Develop a Great Company Culture?

company culture

It is a common misconception that the impact that “culture” has on an organization cannot be quantified or tangibly felt. This is simply not true; a good working culture is imperative to the success of your business. Culture enables effective strategy, which in turn leads to quantifiable results such as an increase in profits. Most importantly, a good culture makes your business a place that people will love to work for.


Culture contributes to your company’s identity. A truly effective and enduring culture is a set of values, attitudes and behaviors that is shared throughout the organization. This requires judiciously recruiting people that share these beliefs, setting up stable support systems, and enacting policies that encourage diversity and curiosity.


Having a core group of values is particularly important as this will form the foundation for your organization. These values will help you when making business decisions and will make processes easier since you will have basis to all your actions. When there is an established group of values, everyone is in the same boat and working towards the same goals.


A healthy working culture has been found to lead to increased job satisfaction, loyalty and higher productivity. Employees will feel more confident working in your organization when a strong culture is set in place. Cultivating a good culture promotes stability and lower turnover rates. All of these, in turn, create results and even lead to increased profits.


A strong culture is also an effective recruitment tool. Talented individuals are drawn to companies that provide growth and transparency. People can see when a company has a great culture when they can see how happy and productive the current employees are. Millennials in particular have expressed that one of the things they most value when looking for a job is the organization’s culture. Want to attract the best and most competent individuals for your company? Don’t forget to build a healthy culture.


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