Four Simple Steps to Developing a Great Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing strategy

In the Internet age, business organizations need to invest in a strong digital presence in order to be successful and competitive. Businesses need to pivot to digital transformation lest they be left behind. These are some simple yet necessary steps in order to build the best digital marketing strategy for your organization


1. Set your KPIs

Determine the measurable metrics that are valuable to your company’s business goals. These could range from increasing your website traffic to generating online leads to increasing brand mentions.


2. Extensively research on your core audience

It should go without saying but having the necessary information on the audiences you seek to reach will help you develop your digital strategy. Attain their basic demographic information and as well as their pain and passion points. Knowing these crucial bits of information will only strengthen your strategy and help you create your brand persona.


3. Clearly identify what social assets to use

As stated in this article from the Digital Marketing Institute, it is imperative to take stock of your budget, the members of your team and the digital channels you will be utilizing. Not all social channels serve the same function so you must know which ones will best serve your needs and which ones you should just leave behind.

Facebook is ideal for driving conversions and can answer many social marketing needs. It has the potential to reach a broad range of people especially with the use of Facebook Ads. Twitter is primarily for experiencing moments in real time. It is a highly useful platform for customer service needs. Linkedin is ideal for social content and peer-to-peer influence.


4. Create a playbook for your social assets

It is advised to put the objectives and standard procedures in a social playbook to guide your employees. The playbook should include important information such as:

  • core objectives
  • set KPIs
  • the strategy for each social platform
  • brand style and tone
  • rules of social engagement (e.g. how to respond to mentions)
  • workflow
  • employee roles
  • crisis management and escalation


If you are just about to set up your business or run a new campaign, developing a digital strategy may be a daunting task. You can choose to collaborate with an outsourcing firm that has a great deal of experience in managing business operations and processes. Optimum Source can help you build your digital strategy which will best benefit your company’s needs.




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