How Gamification Can Help Engage Your Employees


Gamification is the principle of integrating game mechanics and elements to non-gaming contexts. This is typically used to motivate engagement and participation. This concept has been utilized in the work spaces to promote engagement among employees. This has yielded positive results given this era of online social connectivity. Various businesses have utilized software development and various applications to create the games to best suit their objectives.


Using gamification principles in your own work environment can help increase the engagement and productivity of your workers. When implementing gamification to certain work processes, you are essentially introducing new stimuli with tangible benchmarks to employees. Injecting friendly competition in tasks has also long yielded positive results when it comes to boosting motivation.


Gamification provides an opportunity for employees to reap awards and gain recognition. A combination of these factors makes gamification an intriguing prospect to consider.


Rajat Paharia, founder of Bunchball, a gamification technology   company, and author of Loyalty 3.0: How to Revolutionize Employee and Customer Engagement with Big Data and Gamification, provided “The 10 Key Mechanics of Gamification” which can help you build your own winning gamification strategy.


  • Fast feedback                                            6. On boarding
  • Transparency                                             7. Competition
  • Goals                                                         8. Collaboration
  • Badges                                                      9. Community
  • Leveling up                                               10. Points


Gamification can turn “dull” and/or difficult tasks into fun and simple games, providing more opportunities for active participation. What makes gamification effective is consistent positive feedback, typically in the form of gaining points, game progression and earning badges, to increase your employees’ drive and their sense of achievement.


If you feel that using gamification will be beneficial to your business but are unsure on what steps to take or how to go about building the game, consider consulting with a reputable IT Outsourcing company with Software and Web-Based Applications Development experience.  Optimum Source is equipped to help companies with their  IT and Software development  requirements.





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