Four Creative Online Lead Generation Ideas


Email marketing and telesales are traditional methods for lead generation that many are familiar with. However, there are certainly other creative methods you can use to help build your base. Here are just a few examples to try:


  1. Host relevant giveaways

Giveaways and contests are among the most effective ways to generate a high number of leads. However, you may end up targeting users that are not relevant to your business, resulting in poor quality leads. Ensure that the prize you will be giving out is relevant to your target demographic so that they will be compelled to enter. The motive of the giveaway should always be linked with your brand. Don’t simply host a giveaway for the sake of gaining a high volume of new contacts – always make sure that it is relevant to your brand.


  1. Create a quiz

Hosting an online quiz or survey on your website or landing page is an engaging way to receive information from your site visitors and potential leads. The interactive nature of quizzes can be an effective tactic to attract users thus allowing you to obtain necessary information like their email addresses.


Autopilot has listed down ways on making quizzes as a lead generation tool as well as examples of successful quizzes used by other brands.


  1. Provide fun and informative videos

Helpful videos are an effective way to interest and educate people. You can relay plenty of information in an easily digestible format through video tools. The videos can be highly educational and demonstrative, answering the questions that viewers may have about your product or service. It can also be used to obtain important information from prospective leads, whether you set up an email gate or use effective calls to action throughout the video.


  1. Utilize influencers

Influencer marketing is effective when growing your audience and generating leads. Take advantage of your influencers’ networks by asking them to guest write in your blog or feature you in their own sites. Always aim for a symbiotic relationship by citing clear goals that are attainable for both your business and your chosen influencers.


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