The Link Between Lead Verification Services and Sales and Marketing Strategies

Lead Verification Services

One of the biggest, and often the largest expense for a retail company falls under their sales and marketing departments. The launching of a new apparel collection for a VIP client list will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars that will be used in direct-mailing campaigns and email blasts. However, before a sales and marketing call or contact can be called a success, lead verification processes need to be done.


It will only result to wasted time and efforts for your sales team if your top salesman will contact a lead only to find out that the client has not many any purchases or engaged with the brand for the past five to seven years. It is not just the calling of dormant accounts and clients which can result wasted time but also having to deal with duplications in leads and the removal of leads that do not fit into the requirements of the marketing strategies your company uses. Last but not the least; lead verification services also include deleting invalid and inconsistent data entries.


Your sales team will thank you for it when their leads are already valid and accurate from the first point of contact. They will be able to improve their chances of converting that contact to a closed deal as your company’s representatives will be armed with the confidence that they will be able to identify their customers’ needs and wants. This is why lead verification services serve as that valuable link that leads to ROI for your sales and marketing department teams.


A highly trained and professional team from Optimum Source can even perform real-time lead verification services for companies who are not just in retail but also for B2B corporations who need to qualify and improve their CRM system’s integrity and reputation.





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