Market Research in a World of Connected Data: 3 Tips to Always Remember

Market Research

The ability to not have a market research in today’s setting; before you begin a business venture or during its operation as an old saying goes is, “similar to driving from the state of New York to the state of Texas without the guide of a map or street signs.”

An entrepreneur must recognize on which road to cover and how fast one must go. Will the market research be for you? Or will it be for an offshore outsourcing third party?

One must also put in mind the clients. Will it be for end users? Or for other organizations that also deal with the same market like intellectual property research?

So how do you make market research an essential part in your company’s long-term success? How does your style of market research keep you on top while other companies who do the same thing get lost on the road?

We’ve listed down three things to always remember if you are planning to enter into an offshore outsourcing service, or simply setting up for a build operate transfer or already operating  captive services outside your region.


1. Do your Homework

Studying does not simply mean understanding how the market works or where such products come from or how consumers are purchasing them; by all the information that you have gathered. It could also mean observation and soaking in all  the surrounding details, especially on issues which are not related to market research.

Don’t merely research on how your competitors work and looking at what all the big guys are doing; do some research in other industries; especially those in which you are not in competition with because one can always pick up little things which can be beneficial in your campaign.


2. Have a Respectable Website and Never, Never, Forget to Advertise this in Social Media

Your website doesn’t need to be a flashy one, but a credible one, especially for those who are starting-up with having “content development” services. Begin with the basic WordPress for your company.

However, make certain that it contains all the important aspects like:

  • Blogs that use search engine optimization services
  • Company information
  • Along with words that can urge the reader, listener, or viewer of a sales promotion message to take an immediate action.

To further stress this point, connect with the world using the internet as this will be another significant element in building opportunities. Be present in all social media platforms like Facebook and Linked In and create videos for your company on YouTube.


3. Construct your Company around People Who can Advise you Wisely as this will Establish a Reputation of Trust

Get acquainted with other individuals involved in market research. You can secure a small team of people who may or may not have the same experience as you; as long as these individuals are trustworthy.

Try to attend conferences about to the industry; not simply to seek out potential team members;  but also to have prospects for networking. With your name out there in the open; this would lead to possible new clients.

Build a small network of people who can advise you, preferably people who work in the same niche.

Therefore, set up a small team of people who you can trust and can help you grow as a person by helping your business grow.



Market research is above all significant in aiding the measured effectiveness of one’s marketing. The effectiveness of this factor is a gauge on how clients will put a good word of mouth for your business in their behalf.


So How About you Outsource your Research to Us?

We will help you in every decision along the way; applying our experience and expertise to make the process easy and stress-free as possible.

Especially as this collection is extremely significant in your business endeavors, we can provide you with market research outsourcing services to help you:

  • Optimum Source Inc. can organize and take calculated business decisions
  • We possess the ability to understand the preferences, buying patterns and needs of your customers
  • Also we can identify new opportunities for business growth,
  • We can pinpoint problems in your existing business model,
  • We can get new product ideas,
  • And we know how to meet the needs of your customers and evaluate your success.

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