Three Ways to Promote Good Candidate Management

One of the roles every recruiter has to do is candidate management. This pertains to overseeing and maintaining relationships with candidates. This is vital when it comes to making good matches between clients and candidates. You are the link between both parties so it is crucial to work hard in managing the relationships. Not having a good relationship with candidates can lead to problems later down the road. Candidates may not want to apply to you in the future and they may even dissuade others from doing so.

Giving your candidates a good recruitment experience should be a top priority. Here are some things they value during the recruitment process:


1. Let them know about interview update

Candidates become annoyed when there is a lack of transparency and updates. They do not like to be left in the dark, regardless of the results. Always try to maintain contact with candidates and make sure that you are frequently giving them relevant updates about their interview status.


2. Ensure that the job ad matches what the company is looking for

Fewer things are more frustrating than going for an interview for a job that is different from what the advert originally advertised. Always be truthful and clear with your candidates. This will also make it simpler for you to narrow down your options. Candidates will know from the get-go whether or not they will be suitable for the job thus leading you with a more curated set of people.


3. Be prompt in giving information

As stated in the first point, candidates want to be constantly updated about their status. This is important, especially if they are also looking for jobs elsewhere. They do not want to be kept dangling and waiting for a call that may never even come. If they contact you for any concerns or questions, respond promptly. If they feel neglected, this may decrease the chances of them working with you in the future. Other information, like company details, should also be disseminated promptly and accurately.


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