Why the BPO Industry in the Philippines is at the Top of the Game

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The Philippines is one of the most favored spots for business process outsourcing. From call centers to IT functions, outsourcing in the Philippines has gone through a boom and continues to thrive. Businesses around the world have caught on and choose the Philippines for outsourcing. Because of this, many call the Philippines the BPO capital of the world. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines.

1. English fluency

One of the main reasons why many companies choose the Philippines is due English fluency. The country is known for its English proficiency. There is no shortage of workers who are fluent in the language. Apart from their English skills, Filipinos are able to get Western cultural nuances. Due to the nations’ history, Filipinos are compatible with Western culture. This makes them ideal agents for customer service and call centers.

2. Large pool of young and talented workers

The country has a young population and plenty of them have a college background. Many Filipinos train in BPO industry relevant skills. The government has supported courses in colleges which teach these skill sets. Filipino workers are also very flexible. There is no shortage of talent so businesses can find any type of skilled professional to best suit their needs.

3. Value for money

Businesses often choose to outsource to save money. The cost of labor in the Philippines is lower compared to other ASEAN or developed nations. Businesses can also save on overhead costs, such as office space. Even startups can afford to outsource some of their functions to the Philippines to improve efficiency. You save money without sacrificing quality.

4. Ideal infrastructure

The government has been committed in its support towards the BPO industry for years. This has led to the construction of infrastructure suited to outsourcing. Local government has prioritized turning facilities to benefit outsourcing businesses. As a result, it is an ideal landscape for BPOs.

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