Why the Philippines is the Call Center Capital of the World

Call Center Philippines

The Philippines is often called the world’s call center capital and for good reason. The country has seen a rise in business process outsourcing companies in the last few decades. The Philippines has a strong reputation in providing contact services and other BPO services. Even smaller businesses look to the PH to outsource. Here are three crucial reasons why that is the case.

1. Lower costs

Costs are the main reasons why companies choose to outsource parts of their process. In the Philippines, labor costs are often reduced compared to what you’ll see in more developed nations. Add this to the fact that outsourcing helps you save on overhead costs and you have a winning combination of savings and quality.

2. Government-supported industry

The country has lenient laws that make it easier to hire workers compared to other places. The government also supports this industry as it makes up a significant part of the country’s GDP and employment. The Special Economic Zone Act of 1995 is also partly to thank as it offers tax incentives to global companies making the PH an ideal place to outsource.

3. Ideal and strong talent pool

Filipinos are fluent and well-versed in English as it is one of the country’s main languages. There is also a Western cultural affinity due to the country’s history. Western culture is very much part and parcel of everyday life. This helps make agents more adaptable to most situations they’ll be facing. Firms also often only hire college graduates, ensuring that the talent pool is composed of skilled and trained people. The country has a high literacy rate of over 96% and has a strong youth population. These make it a promising emerging market by investors.

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