Four Areas in Work That You Should Gamify


Gamification is an increasingly popular way to increase worker productivity and to motivate your employees. Gamification is effective because it gives people a sense of purpose, tangible benchmarks, recognition, and new stimuli. Gamification in the workspace has been used in a variety of ways and for a range of purposes to great results. Different companies and organizations, from different fields and markets, have quickly caught on to the value of gamification and is proving to be an enduring movement and not just a fad.


Gamification, when executed well and backed with measurable data, can improve the performance of various areas of work. Gartner, an information technology research company, predicts that by 2020 gamification will have a significant impact on innovation, the design of employee performance, and emergence of customer engagement platforms. Many brands and companies are expected to gamify at least one aspect of their work.


Here are some of the areas that can be helped with gamification:


  1. Sales

Setting up a leaderboard for your sales team and giving the best performing team/individuals recognition and rewards can be effective ways to improve and boost sales. Injecting some friendly competition and giving people a tangible purpose to work towards have been proven to help increase productivity.


  1. Training and Onboarding

Gamifying tutorials and other learning materials can be massively helpful for new employees to retain information a lot better. Providing an app with a point system can be both fun and rewarding.


  1. Customer Support

You can use gamification principles for your support team by rewarding the workers based on the quality of support as well as their speed and efficiency. Having fun contests and games that reward points to those who are able to resolve customer issues the quickest or to those who receive great customer feedback can also promote a much more engaging and motivated work force.


  1. Data Management

Constantly organizing and checking your organization’s various data, is an important, if often arduous, task. Make the task a lot more engaging by taking a gamified approach. A team from the SA Gamification Cup, Data Scubbers, thought of an interesting way to gamify data organization. Each player was given a progress bar to help them view how much data they have cleansed. They are rewarded points, with more complex data getting higher points.


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