Three Simple Tips to Improve Candidate Management

It’s crucial to keep your candidate experience a positive one. This helps your business stand out in the market. Also, news spreads fast. With the rise of social media and review platforms, candidates can share their experiences to a wide number of people quickly.

Feedback and reviews can help make or break your company’s image. The feedback can be unflattering if they had a poor experience during the process. Unfortunately, this may lead them to not wanting to do any business with your company in the future. Giving a poor impression may even drive other talent away.

Giving a positive experience, however, can attract more candidates. More high-quality candidates can lead to more fruitful hires. Having strong candidate management is beneficial not just in the short-term but in the long-run as well.

Here are some tips to improve candidate management:

1. Be transparent about the process

Communication can make or break a candidate’s experience. Be open about what they will expect right from the start. This can be about the job description to the interviewing process. Ensure that contact is clear and honest at all times.

Make them aware about any delays or schedule changes. If possible, giving them a list or flowchart of the hiring process can be helpful. These can also be posted on the company’s website or social media pages. Don’t make them second guess. These steps will help ensure a smoother process.

2. Give personalized questions in interviews

One way that can make candidates feel welcome is by making an effort to get to know them. Giving just generic questions is not enough. This is most crucial when the process requires multiple interviews. Try not to repeat the same questions over and over again.

It may just be a matter of asking specific queries about a previous job that they had. This allows them the chance to give more relevant answers that are backed by personal experience.

3. Be open to feedback (both giving and receiving)

One complaint that candidates often give is the lack of feedback from recruiters. Some candidates feel that they have been left out in the cold after an interview. This is why it is important to keep in touch, no matter the status of their application. Be honest but empathetic about the results.

Similarly, it is also useful to ask for feedback. They can give you an insight on things you can improve on. These can be done via a short survey or ask them directly during the interview. Even though you are the ones doing the interviewing, the best interviews are a two-way street. Being not just open to feedback but also encouraging it benefits both parties.

Often, the most vital thing to keep in mind during the hiring process is open communication. Candidates do not take kindly to being left in the dark, regardless of their status. Being transparent and treating candidates with respect can go a long way in improving your recruitment.

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