Three Trends for Call Centers this 2022

The call center industry is undergoing changes. These changes are due to a mix of the pandemic, new technological breakthroughs, and higher demands on customer service.

Movements like the rise in remote work models are the norm. BPO firms have also transitioned to a digital-first mindsets. The relevant trends for call centers are focused on improving both customer and employee experiences. Call centers serve a vital purpose in today’s landscape; it’s important for these firms to be up to date.

Here are three trends that will affect BPOs this new year:

1. Remote Work is the Norm

Remote work will continue to reign supreme. Initially used as a response to COVID-19, many companies have applied work from home models as a standard. The past two years have shown that staff does not need to be in the office in order to be productive.

In an article about the benefits of remote work, Forbes showed different statistics from sources like Gallup and Harvard University. One study found that teleworkers are 35%-40% more productive than office workers. Their work output increased by at least 4.4%. Profit also tends to grow when organizations have a more flexible work scheme.

A flexible work scheme will continue to be the go-to for many companies. Having an agile model benefits the wellbeing of employees. It also ensures that companies are adaptable to any environment, even in the midst of a crisis.

2. Digital, Digital, Digital

Having a digital-first approach is a necessity. Adopting digital-first include AI-learning, cloud-based technologies, and increased automation. Digitizing processes enable better agility. This is crucial as remote work will continue to be the main working model for many companies.

Relying on AI does not mean human workers will be replaced. Using these tools will simply empower people to focus on critical and complex tasks. Digital allows workers to leave mundane actions to automated processes. This will help save time and energy for more vital matters.

3. Prioritize Security

With remote operations becoming common, security is more crucial than ever. While a hybrid work model comes with many benefits, the security risks cannot be ignored. It’s wise to start checking security systems and improve on any lapses. This can be done by updating policies and upgrading to more advanced technologies. This is a good opportunity to host workshops on security so everyone can be better equipped.

Both employers and staff need to invest in measures to ensure security. This may include deploying virtual private networks (VPN), specifically VPN multi-factor authentication. This is an upgrade from only relying on passwords. When using cloud-based systems, multi-factor authentication is key to securing networks. It can also help track who can access those systems.

BPOs, like other industries, are experiencing rapid developments. These are partly caused by the current pandemic and other socio-economic factors. Fortunately, Optimum Source has decades of experience in the field. Optimum is constantly developing with the future in mind. In these unsure times, having a trusted partner is key. The Optimum Advantage ensures quality, transparency, and continuous improvement.


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