Beating the Misconceptions about B2B Telesales

B2B Telesales

Many business organizations have some apprehensions about adapting B2B telesales to fit into their business model and processes. This is because there are myths or traditional beliefs that have stained telesales and telemarketing practices and those who are specialists in these fields.


One of the most common pet peeves that companies have against B2B telemarketing agents is that they are in it for the sales only and they will just talk their ears off. Highly trained and seasoned B2B telesales experts know not the waste their potential clients’ and their own time. A true professional knows that the right B2B telesales and telemarketer already has the knowledge that their products and services are going to benefit another business group. Both effort and attention to details are the essential tools that a true B2B telesales always carry with them.


Related to the above is the misconception that B2B telesales will hurt a company rather than uplift it because most B2B telesales personnel have aggressive personalities and they use too much pressure on clients that the latter are often turned off. The result is a lead that goes stale and the chances of conversion to actual sales will be negatively affected. In truth, successful B2B calls occur because the telesales professional is trained to use not just one approach to engage his client in a productive discussion about what the company is sure to offer. Generally, no one uses the high-pressure approach anymore because leads and prospects do not respond well to that.


B2B telesales, when used properly, is going to save some costs for your company. Your sales and marketing team does not have to go out into the field to speak with clients and in the end, they head back to your office empty-handed. They will have more confidence in doing personal sales calls after B2B telesales have confirmed with them all the necessary concerns and requirements of your business partners or prospective leads. Optimum Source is the premier provider of highly-trained and eloquent B2B telesales specialists who will help you achieve your sales targets without negatively impacting your brand image or losing your corporate accounts’ confidence in your team.




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