A Brief Guide to Candidate Selection


A company’s workforce is its most vital foundation. Getting the right candidate for a position is one of the most important tasks of any HR practitioner. This task can be easy to neglect, however, when a slot needs filling soon. But you need to devote time, care and attention to your process to get the best results.

One important step is to figure out if your selection process is valid. There are more objective and scientific courses you can take instead of solely relying on subjective means. Using tools like personality tests, which are useful predictors, promotes data-driven process. Structured methods like interviews is helpful as you are better able to discern who is the best choice without bias.

There are various factors to consider when choosing people (candidate).

  • Attitude

    One thing that HR should take note of is the personality of the candidate. Jobs do not just require a certain skillset, but also a specific outlook. Attitude is a way to see if they are a right fit for both the job and your group.

  • Skills

    A candidate’s skillset is one of the first things HR looks at. Verify that the skills written on their resumes are accurate by calling previous employers. Interviews are also useful in validating their skillsets. But someone who may not have the complete skillset you desire can still be a great candidate if they express an eagerness to learn and adapt. It’s about prioritizing what is most vital to you and not just having a checklist of traits.

  • Fit

    Perhaps the most important thing to look out for is whether the candidate is the right fit. Skills can be taught, but people’s fit with the job and the company is crucial. A thorough interview process and analytical tests can help you assess a person’s fit.

  • Clear expectations

    Both the one doing the hiring and the applicant need clear communication about their expectations. Does the applicant understand what the job entails? Are they in it for the long-term or only for a short while? Being direct can help prevent mishaps down the road.


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