5 Tips You Need to Improve your Company’s Website


Company Website

A significant number of people’s first interaction with a business or establishment is likely going to be through the official website. Your website only has a few seconds to impress the user so it is crucial to devote time in analyzing your site and making the proper improvements.

Dedicate efforts in building your IT Applications Development strategy to ensure that you are using the best practices when redesigning your website.


Here are some ways to make your website better, to drive traffic, and to potentially improve conversions


  1. Be mobile-friendly

Nearly 60% of searches now come from mobile so it is absolutely crucial to make your website mobile-friendly. Your site must have a responsive design and usable no matter what device is used.


2. Constantly create new and pertinent content

Content is king and constantly providing fresh and relevant content helps your site rank higher on search engines. Quality content also helps to drive more traffic to your site.


3. Emphasize Call to Action

Try to make your CTA as prominent and compelling as possible to promote engagement. Make the buttons visually stimulating to make it stand out from the rest of the page.  The words should excite and capture the interest of the people browsing your website.

Make the text action-oriented to encourage a response on the users’ part. Don’t forget to place CTA in the homepage as it is the most visited part of your website.


4. Make website navigation easy

It is imperative that your site’s visitors will be able to go around your website with ease. Great website design always puts the user first so user experience is something that must constantly be analyzed.

The menu structure is a vital facet of your website and should be easy for users to use in order to find what they are looking for.


5. Strive to be consistent

The site must maintain a consistent theme all throughout, from the types of fonts to the coloring of the CTA buttons to the kinds of photos used.

Consistency allows people to feel at ease when browsing through your site. It may seem simple like a simple matter but oftentimes, pages that have wildly differing themes can cause confusion to the user and allow them to lose interest.




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